Yoga – An Alternate Therapy to Treat Diabetes

Yoga, derived from a Sanskrit word, is a set of disciplines, bordering along the lines of physical, mental and spiritual activities, or exercises, having an overall effect of good health and mind on the body. It had originated in ancient India. It forms one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy. There are numerous renditions of yoga in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. In the most literal sense, the word ‘yoga’ in Sanskrit means ‘to unite’, or ‘to attach’. The union of the mind, body and the soul, through different postures of the body is what is described as Yoga. In the ancient days, it was practiced as an art, of mind purification and for attaining higher levels of enlightenment. Yoga is performed and practiced in today’s world for achieving better health, reducing stress and achieving mental peace.


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